Sunday, August 12, 2007

Boomers, Beatles, Magic and Christmas!

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Pop Art Diva! said...

I have always used Estee Lauder fragrances! My favorite is Private Collection but I also use several others. Believe it or not I bought a huge bottle over 15 years ago and I'm still using it today!

Terri, aka PopArtDiva, The Martini Diva, The DIVA of TINY FOODS ,The Normal Challenged Artist, The DIVA of DIVAVILLE

Joanie said...

Ahhhh...another thing we have in common, Pop Art Diva! As a former Estee Lauder Counter Manager for many years, I am very fond of many of her fragrances!

And yes, I am very familiar with Private Collection - a very unique and high-class Estee Lauder fragrance, one which smells fabulous on certain people. I have no problem in believing you are still using a bottle of Private Collection for over 15 years - a little goes a long way.
Gosh, you're lucky to be one of those special girls who can wear that fragrance, cuz it smells so awesome when you can wear it well.

Ya know what my favorite Estee Lauder fragrance is? Ha - would you believe, Youth Dew? It is strong, and very sexy, and in case you did not know, it was the very first fragrance Estee Lauder ever made!

Speaking of Divas, she was one of the first and best of all time!!

Thanks for writing, and please do keep in touch, my Diva friend!!

With Love and Hope,

The Boomer Queen
Fifty Is

Pop Art Diva! said...

I did know that Youth Dew was the first Estee Lauder fragrance, can you believe it? I remember it well, but never wore it as it turned to "sweet" on me. The Private Collection works just great on me - many fragrances do not because of my body chemistry.
Hope all is well with your mom and stepdad - I know that is a difficult situation.
Terri, aka PopArtDiva, The Martini Diva, The DIVA of TINY FOODS ,The Normal Challenged Artist, The DIVA of DIVAVILLE

Joanie said...

Ha - I hear you loud and clear about body chemistry and what works
for you! It amazed me that you knew how Youth Dew was Estee's first fragrance, Terri...not many people are aware of that fact, and I only did cuz I was an Estee Lauder Counter Manager for so many years!!! And yes, Youth Dew does not work for everyone...but let me tell ya, Private Collection is a lot more selective, and is sooooo good on the right person - lucky you!!

Thank you for your kind thoughts about my mom and stepdad. Believe me, I certainly appreciate your faith and support...

Your Diva Queen friend,


Pop Art Diva! said...

My sister wore Youth Dew and I tried it because of her - smelled wonderful on her - that's how I became aware of Estee Lauder fragrances and, at the time, Youth Dew, was the only one available. Then I think she sent me Private Collection for a gift sometime after.
My mind is weird, I remember the most interesting triva, lol.

Terri, aka PopArtDiva, The Martini Diva, The DIVA of TINY FOODS ,The Normal Challenged Artist, The DIVA of DIVAVILLE

Joanie said...

WOW ~ so you are an Estee Lauder fan from way-back then, aren't you, Terri? And actually, your mind is not weird at all - that IS interesting trivia to me, too!
Youth Dew takes me back to the days when my mom used to wear it...she used to take a bath with Youth Dew Bath Oil, and I remember when she came out of the bathroom, you could smell that beautiful fragrance all over the house! Speaking of interesting trivia, did you know that Youth Dew's original form was the bath oil? Women would not only take a bath in it, but they would also dab it behind their ears, like perfume. As of 5 years ago, Estee Lauder counters still sold Youth Dew Bath Oil in two sizes, and I hope they still do, because now I know a WONDERFUL present to get for my mom!

You are probably right in remembering your sister buying you Private Collection not long after your first experience with Youth Dew. If I am not mistaken, Private
Collection was one of the earlier Estee Lauder fragrances. It seems to me that there is an interesting story behind the creation of Private Collection...I think it was
originally made for Estee Lauder herself, and then eventually made available to the general public.
I may be wrong about that, but I really think that is a true fact.

Gosh, I sure love nostalgia, don't you?

The Boomer Queen

Pop Art Diva! said...

Yes, Private Collection was originally developed for Estee Lauder herself. I'd forgotten that until you mentioned it!
I also wear Paloma Picasso - the original fragrance in case she's come up with other ones.
Those are, I guess, my two signature fragrances. I wear Estee in the winter and Picasso in the summer and sometimes White Linen.
Terri, aka PopArtDiva, The Martini Diva, The DIVA of TINY FOODS ,The Normal Challenged Artist, The DIVA of DIVAVILLE

Joanie said...

Cool, Terri...glad to hear I was correct about that Private Collection fact.

Now, I gotta tell ya, something is not only blowing my mind, but at the same time is also confusing me.
My friend, and fellow-Baby Boomer Diva (new) member, Eva Pasco, has a
trippy Boomer book, called "Underlying Notes". It is a new book, released in early December, 2007, which is featured on my website here

Thing is, this book is all about fragrance, and Paloma Picasso is the featured theme!! I have to admit something that I have never even admitted to Eva, and that is that I am NOT familiar with that fragrance!! And here I thought I was a fragrance expert!!!!!!!

Check Eva out on My Space here, and tell her you are Joanie's friend. She is also a new Baby Boomer Diva...Eva Pasco, and her email is Atlantic something.

Ha ~ toooooo funny!!!!!

The Boomer Queen

Pop Art Diva! said...

I've worn Paloma Picasso for about 20 years now,as well as Private Collection. They both work well on me and are my favorites.
I dropped a comment on Eva's MySpace - she was already my friend, btw!!

Terri, aka PopArtDiva, The Martini Diva, The DIVA of TINY FOODS ,The Normal Challenged Artist, The DIVA of DIVAVILLE

Joanie said...

It's a small world after all....

And getting smaller, don't ya think? Guess I had better get over to My Space and see what's goin' on, huh?

Toooooooo funny!!!!


Anonymous said...

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