Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hello to my new friends "Down Under"!!

It all started with my new my space friend, Jan, from Australia. Within 24 hours from when we met, I have hooked up with 5 (plus) new Aussie friends! Not only that, but I have discovered an amazing Aussie musician...Guy Sebastian. Not too many musicians impress me the way Guy has. See his My Space page ~

Thanks, Jan, for turning me on to Guy...and for introducing me to all my new Aussie friends! Guy Sebastian has got some kinda magic going on...I love the energy he creates and want some more of it!!
It seems most of my new my space friends from Australia are Guy Sebastian fans.

I would like to invite you to visit and join my new web community for Boomers. We are the fifties generation and we know all about magic and music. It is my passion to keep that magic going...the best years of our lives are ahead of us!

Here's your link to meeting good friends ~ remembering good times ~ and sharing good things...

Fifty Is Nifty!

See ya there...
Joanie from Las Vegas, USA

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